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Food Isn’t what it Used to Be

image So, I for one am certainly finding this diet a challenge. I love it, it's tough. Don't get me wrong - I'm leaning up but I feel like I need assistant blockers around each corner. Not to mention the anxiety of one of your friends or clients catching you with your hand in the cookie jar. This week I was able to stay in the mid 80 percentile for the zone-paleo. I had (in reverse order) about a gallon of popcorn, a half a brick of brownie (thank you CFP), daily wallop of cream in my quad americano and maybe a little honey, an eggnog latte, and probably too many seedless but delicious red grapes, and a little vino - altogether around 2 litres (shout out to Killer Cab of Pacific Breeze Wineries). Not bad for the week, right?? No cheese, ice-cream, scotch, or bread. What were your treats and diversions off the diet??? Post your confessions and nightmares (BK woke up in a cold sweat dreaming about cheeseburgers). Could you stay away from bread, cereal, starch and sugar?? On a Good Note - I bought 12 different vegatables today to put in my weekly rotation - Ate a bunch of Moose, Bison, Halibut and Salmon to put on a little muscle. Around 170g protein/day - Ensured every meal included protein, good fats and a decent amounts of lower glycemic fruits and veg - and of course took my 8g of Omega-3 Fish Oil each day Paleo Challengers Please compile your food log (amounts and all) and save it as a PDF. Send it in Tuesday to Monday's Class Technique Going overhead with the barbell. Practice perfect starting and finishing positions. Get that bar going through a full range of motion and locked out.
Workout "Tweaking Melanie" 10 mins - max reps back and forth of: - 135lbs Shoulder to Overhead without dropping (use press, push-press, push-jerk) - & Chest to bar Pull-ups
*ladies weight is 85lbs, you may go back and forth as many times as you like ** partner up and have your co-athlete count and cheer you on for the workout, then switch up. TBear