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For a good time call Fran: 21 - 15 - 9

I would imagine there are more than a few people out there reading this wondering: should I go to the gym tomorrow? I mean, you went yesterday and you like gymnastics Wednesdays, then there is the Games WOD on Thursday and you can’t miss that. Plus you probably shouldn’t workout 4 days in a row. But you and I both know the truth is you are a little bit afraid of Fran. Hey don’t worry, I get it, I am a little bit afraid of Fran. I know people love grinders and Crystal was complaining on the website just yesterday that she needed to see more grinders but let’s be honest, by a show of hands, has anyone ever puked during a grinder? Fran is like a force of nature, it makes you deaf, dumb, dizzy and violently ill all at the same time and it only takes 3 minutes to take effect. We are dealing with some powerful stimulus. What is even scarier is that the pain wouldn’t be so bad if you were assured victory at the end, but in a workout that takes mere minutes every second counts and there are no guarantees that this one is going to be any better than the last. That is why Fran is the most loved, revered, feared and famous workout in Crossfit. With a reputation like that you have to take your shot at it because it only comes around once in a while and you don’t want to miss your shot at glory. Now a word from Glassman on the origins of Fran: W/U: 800m ball run with partner (one ball per team) Tech: 3 rep max Thruster WOD: Fran 21 - 15 - 9 Thrusters (95/65lbs) Pull ups Lets make it chin above the bar I want to see some PR's.