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For medium cardiovasclar, waistline Bradleah, Blewitt, Zola, I think we just found your Halloween costumes Today's WOD In teams of two: Perform 150 Thrusters (95lbs/55lbs) as fast as possible (one bar per team). The catch? Every minute on the minute both teammates have to do 5 burpees until all 150 thrusters are completed. I'm no doctor or Physio, but this article makes a lot of sense to me. Check it out: "New research is proving that the best way to treat nagging pain is to eschew pampering in favor of tough love. Doctors at the University of Pittsburgh are doing ongoing research showing that stretching irritated tendons actually reduces inflammation. "Rest and ibuprofen cure few injuries," said Dr. Jeanne Doperak, a sports-medicine physician. "During rest you're in a non-healing zone," offered Dr. Phelps Kip, an orthopedic surgeon and U.S. Ski Team physician. "The body was designed to move." Find out more at The Real Heal Andy