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Naked Fran on the Beach

The Pull Up bar is built, the weather looks promising, now I need you! I have been in contact with Reebok CrossFit reps here and in Europe as well as with CrossFit affiliate owners along our route of travel. They are all excited and inspired by our Where in the World is Fran Challenge and are making plans to host Fran events when we arrive in their cities. They are super inspired by our Wreck Beach Naked Fran which kicks off the whole adventure and they look forward to viewing the video release. But we need more bodies. 11 is not enough!   We need to motivate CrossFitters watching around the world to step up their game!  We need to make the rest of the world take note that CrossFit Vancouver is one bad-ass box filled with the world’s wildest CrossFitters! We need you to stretch outside your comfort zone! We need you! Wear a wig and shades if you want to participate incognito. Naked Fran 1:30pm Saturday March 24th meeting at CrossFit Vancouver No spectators please, only participants! Email me for more info.