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Free the Geek

I was only fooling myself. You probably saw right through me but it was Patty called it what it is. I'm a geek. Always have been. I can hang with the jocks all I like but I ain't foolin no one! At the end of the day I'd rather read The Hobbit for the 6th time than watch a hockey game. You're more likely to catch me throwing a D20 at some D&D orcs than cutting through fresh powder on Cypress. Revenge of the Nerds inspired me more than Remember the Titans. I worked so hard to NOT be a geek that it seemed unfair that Patty kept calling me one. But that is his gift. Patty calls it as he sees it. No holds barred, no feelings spared. And he loves you just as you are. Yes, I'm a geek and Patty's OK with that. And that's the gift. When another person actually sees you for what you are and loves you warts and all, it gives you permission to love and accept yourself. To stop judging yourself and consequently, to stop judging others. When you love and accept yourself with all your flaws and shortcomings you discover you can love everyone else in the world and accept their flaws and shortcomings too. If there is one lesson that stands out more than all the others I've learned at CFV, it has nothing to do with coaching the squat or running a business, it has to do with being myself and being OK with myself. Just as I am. Patty isn't perfect and he's not trying to be. He is who he is and he's OK with that. And he doesn't expect you to be perfect either, just to be yourself and to quit taking yourself so seriously! Have fun, live a life worth living, love the people worth loving, starting with you! Putting yourself out there and taking risks is scary, it opens you up to criticism from all those folks who still haven't learned to be comfortable in their own skin. But be patient with them, they'll come around. Patty's advice: you're going to screw up from time to time. Just be sure that when you do that you're having a good time and make sure to err on the side of political INCORRECTNESS! I'm a better, happier person for the time I've spent at CFV. It hasn't always been easy so thank you Patty for taking the risks of pointing out what should have been obvious. It's given me the courage to take on the world and take some risks of my own. Thank you to the whole community at CFV for accepting me as I am and supporting me. I love you all! You're the best people I've known! If you're crazy enough, maybe you'll agree to come out and support me one last time: Friday Workout: Tech: Back Squat 3-3-3 Shoulder Press 3-3-3 Warm Up: Running ABCs WOD: Griff 2 Rounds 800m Forward Run 400m Backward Run Sorry if your run is a bit soggy today. If it makes you feel any better, my son and I did this last Friday morning in the windstorm with rain and sleet:(