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Friday - A Bear Challenge

image I love so many of the bear workouts that I wanted to tweak one and have you all complete it in under 10min. So here it is....
3 Rounds of: 12 Deadlifts 9 Hang Power Cleans 6 Front Squats 3 Push/Split Jerks
90 Reps total (just like Diane and Fran). Guys and Ladies will choose a weight that they can complete all movements and all rounds within 10 minutes. Don't choose too light or you will finish in 5 minutes! Go heavy enough that your finishing around 9 minutes but not too heavy that you'll go over the 10 minutes. Highest Weight Wins Ladies and Gents. If you need to squat clean the heavy hang cleans do so, but no cleans from the deck. Let's break the classes into 2 groups so each athlete will have a coach and counter. Can the Pup do 145lbs? I'm sure the Duke will try. I'd love to see Sack vs The Chicken Lover at 175. Will Joy challenge and try to take down Popeye? Lets get aggressive, send out some challenges and go after it. TBear out...... Friday fun... Seth McFarlane is a talented guy Giggity Goo Spot