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Friday and Saturday Double Header Thursday, July 08, 2010

Friday Technique: Bench Press (5,5,5,5) Warm-up accordingly find your 5 rep max bench press. Workout: Jacob's Ladder... with a barbell. How far can you go in 12 minutes? Guys start with 55 lbs and girls 35 lbs. Increase by 10 lbs every round. 5 deadlifts 5 cleans (power or squat, whatever is necessary) 5 front squats 5 pushpress Coaches stagger the start with each person starting every 2 minutes. If there is a bottleneck, i.e. the person behind you catches up let them pass through or if possible share the weights. Your score is the weight at which you are able to complete the round. Saturday Technique: Deadlift (3,3,3) In case you guys missed last Sunday (there was maybe 8 or 9 people so I am guessing that the majority of you didn't do this one) Lumber picked a doozie of a workout, another classic girl workout. Kelly 5 rounds for time 400 m run 30 wallballs (14 lbs/20 lbs) 30 box jumps (24" box jump for all)