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Training Plan for Friday August 10th 2018

A) OTM 16 min

- 1st: 40s consecutive push ups
- 2nd: 20 russian kb swings
- 3rd: 40s cal row C2
- 4th: 1.1.1 weighted box jumps

B) take 15 min to complete rounds of

- 5-10 i) kipping chest to bar pull ups ii) strict chest to bar pull ups iii) kipping pull ups iv) strict pull ups v) 30-60s chin over bar hold vi) deadhang
- 100m DB farmer carry - approx 3/4 bdywt
- i) 400m run ii) 800m bike
- 50/50m front rack KB carry - approx 25% bdywt

C) 1 round

- 12/12 wall or floor shoulder flexion reps
- 8/8 single arm prone snow angels