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Training Plan for Friday August 3rd 2018

A1) front squat

- use the following rep scheme to climb to a challenging set of 5

- 8-8-6-6-5-5

A2) handstand variations

- 3-4 sets of 30-60s

i) freestanding handstand
ii) nose to wall handstand
iii) heels on wall handstand
iv) pike variation
v) overhead DB hold
vi) plank hold

B) OTM 10 min

even: 40s wall balls 4-8% of 3RM f.squat
odd: 40s cal row C2

C) 1 round

- 10/10 wall facing shoulder flexion RAILs
- 5 wristies


- no missed reps during front squats
- this is not a max effort
- consider having 3 reps in reserve
- pick ""easier"" handstand variation and hold for longer
- work for entire 40s in part B) worry less about reps and more about time under tension