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Training Plan for Friday August 9th 2019

A1) single arm DB high pull

- 5 sets of 5/5 @2121 - climbing

A2) staggered stance banded palof hold (inside foot forward)

- 5 sets of 20/20s

A3) handstand practice or plank hold

- green light) handstand practice
- yellow light) pike hold or wall walk
- red light) plank hold

- 4-5 sets of 15-60s

B) tabatas

- tabata sit ups, tuck ups or v-ups
rest 1 min
- tabata push ups
rest 1 min
- tabata banded glute bridges

C) Accessory

2 rounds

- 10/10 banded clam shells
- 5/5 side over arch with reach


- aim to reach as close to 33% bodyweight possible while adhering to tempo in high pulls
- adhere to red-yellow-green light overhead while practicing handstands or planks
- aim to keep similar numbers during each interval of each exercise during part B)
- RPE of 9/10