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Friday - Combining the “Girls”

Today's workout is a combination of three "Girl" workouts. There are three rounds and each round is from a specific workout. "Girl Fight" Round 1: Helen 400m run 21 KB swings (ladies red KB/gents black KB) 12 pull-ups Round 2: Nancy 400m run 15 OHS (ladies 65 lbs/gents 95 lbs) - no racks Round 3: Kelly 400m run 30 wall balls (ladies 12 lbs/gents 20 lbs) 30 box jumps (24 inch for all) No breaks in between rounds. Make sure you have your equipment set up before beginning the workout. Originally I wanted to call this workout "Cat fight", but I have the feeling that name is already taken. Regardless, hope everyone enjoys the workout. -Kermit