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Friday: Conjecture, hypothesis, theory, law?

One of Patty's favourite things to do is talk about global warming - to reject climate change as a theory, to reduce it to mere conjecture, or hypothesis at best. He puts it one the same level as the hypothesis, 'The moon is made of cheese.' After much thought, I have a hypothesis of my own. Will you help me determine whether this hypothesis is sound enough to be considered a theory? The theory (and I'll add the famous Seinfeld 'not that there's anything wrong with that' line to this just to make sure I don't get blasted): Poker prefers men over women. Putting the puzzle pieces together: 1. His girlfriend conveniently lives three hours away, and she's stronger than he is. 2. He often initiates unprompted 'Pants Off' parties. 3. He has an alter ego named Sebastian (Sebastian is the one who advocates the 'Pants Off' parties). 4. Have you ever heard the music he plays in his car? He was recently caught saying, "I don't care what you think about this: I love Adele." 5. Have you seen the 'work' clothes he shows up wearing everyday? Watch this video and determine for yourself. Does Poker like men? (Not that there would be anything wrong with that). We love you, Poker. Friday's WOD: 'How gutsy are you?' Tech: Spend 20 minutes working on a weakness. Shoulder flexibility? Double Unders? Handstands? Squat therapy? Everyone needs extra work on something... WOD: Max Wall Balls (Partner up for this one. You're going to want something there to cheer you on as you start to see stars). This is going to come down to guts, pure and simple. Can anyone do an entire Karen (150 wall balls) unbroken? Or even 100 wall balls without a rest? Push yourself as much or as little as you like, but you'll kick yourself after if you wimp out and stop just because your heart rate is a little high. I did 80 in a row once, and the Duke came up right after me and did 81. I was kicking myself all night for stopping just because I was a little winded. Eunice