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Training Plan for Friday December 13rth 2019

A) OTM 20 min

1: 1-10 rope climb practice or strict pull up variation

2: 15-60s inverted practice or plank hold

> green light) handstand practice
> yellow light) pike hold or wall walk
> red light) straight arm plank hold

3: 60m farmer carry @30-40% per hand

4: 4 reps of 1 vertical jump +1 box jump (adjust height to allow for rebounding if able)

5: 8 breath strict midline hold

> L-sits
> hollow hold
> dead-bug

B) 12 min to complete reps of


- strict push up variation

- DB front rack alt reverse lunges @15-25% bdywt per hand

C) Accessory

2 min overhead lat stretch per side
5 wristies


- use A) as an opportunity to practice skills
- adhere to red-yellow-green light
- rebound during jumps if able
- aim for heaviest lunges possible in the window given
- RPE of 8/10