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Training Plan for Friday February 1st 2019

A) choose one the following

A1) back rack reverse lunges x 10 reps alternating
A2) front squat x 5 reps
A3) back squat x 5 reps

- 5 sets - climbing to 7/10

A4) side over arch

- 5 sets of 6/6

A5) single arm DB shoulder press

- 5 sets of 6/6 - @1112

B) 10 min to complete one of the following rep schemes

"GGF" - test day

i) 21-18-15-12-9
ii) 18-15-12-9
iii) 18-15-12

- thrusters or front squats - approx 35% of 3RM f.squat
- i) kipping pull ups ii) strict pull ups iii) ring rows with 2 pause at top

C) Accessory

- 1 min shoulder extension stretch
- 1 min wrist extensions stretch 


- lunges should be challenging but the last set should be near the heaviest you could do for 10 reps
- goal is to finish B) under time cap, choose variations to allow you to finish between 8-10 minutes