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Training Plan for Friday February 22nd 2019

A1) bench press

- 5 sets of 3 - climbing to 7/10 RPE

A2) L-sit variation

- 5 sets of 10-60s

B) 15 min to complete max rounds


- 22 alt DB front rack reverse lunges @15-25% bdywt
- 18 alt DB front rack step ups
- 14 alt KB/DB snatch or 4/4 single arm russian kb swings
- 10 strict push up variation

C) Accessory

- 10 reps 5 second standing shoulder extension hold
- 10 reps prone Y


- no maxing out on the bench press: no failed reps
- choose L-sit variation that allows for the most forward chest and longest time under tension possible
- use same weight for DB snatch as reverse lunges
- one DB for whole workout
- if desired and able, practice KB snatch
- goal is to complete all strict push up variation sets in two sets or less
- good score is 3 rounds, great score is 4.5 rounds, elite score is 6 rounds
- suggested RPE of 7-8/10
- if third workout or more in last 5 days move at RPE of 5-6/10