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Training Plan for Friday July 5th 2019

A) every 3:00 min for 5 rounds complete

- 3 front or back squats @70% of 3RM

- 20s rest

- max effort power box jumps

- 5 breath front plank hold

B) 12 min to complete

"The North"


- i) russian kb swings ii) hang power cleans
- i) goblet lunges ii) front rack reverse lunges
- strict midline variation

C) Accessory

- 2 min dowel sit
- 30/30s bent arm DB hold
- 10/10 seated banded ankle extensions


- choose squatting variation based on strength needs
- focus on power over height during box jumps
- choose cleans in part B) if you max clean is greater than bodyweight
- focus on aggressive and powerful hip extensions during KB swings
- first of strict midline variation should be difficult enough to force you to rest 3 time during set of 21 reps
- RPE of 8/10