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Training Plan for June 29th 2018

A) 4 rounds - 12 min

30s static farmer hold
30s rest
30s i) ring dip support hold ii) ring push up support hold iii) box dip support hold
30s rest
30s single arm front rack KB hold
30s rest

B) 15 min to cycle through

- 50/50m bent arm DB carry
- length of plyo course
- 100m plate carry (on chest)
- 1 dot drill sequence
- 30-60s i) handstand hold ii) pike hold iii) overhead DB hold iv) 4.4/4.4 shoulder CARs

4 rounds

- i) 400m run ii) 300m row C2 iii) 600m air bike
- 1 min rest 

C) 2 rounds

- 60s front rack mobility - coaches choice
- 30s shoulder extension dowel hold


- seek efficient and solid positions in all movements today
- adhere to red-yellow-green light prescription
- hands at 3 and 9 on plate carry - aggressive shoulder retraction