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Training Plan for Friday May 24th 2019

every 2:30 min for 25 min (10 rounds) alt rounds of

A1) one of the following pressing variations

1) DB floor press 2) DB shoulder press

00:00: max reps in 60s
5:00: max reps in 60s
10:00: max reps in 60s
15:00: max reps in 60s
20:00: max reps in 60s

A2) cal row @95-105%+ avg watts

2:30: max cals in 60s
7:30: max cals in 60s
12:30: max cals in 60s
17:30: max cals in 60s
22:30: max cals in 60s

B) "Texas Oil"

9 min to climb the ladder of


- front squats or thrusters @25% of 3RM f.squat

- strict pull up variation

- burpees

C) Accessory

- 1 min couch stretch R/L
- soft tissue bottom of feet
- 3 slow wristies


- choose pressing variation based on red-yellow-green light in shoulder flexion
- work for entire 60 seconds - quality and steady is better than speed
- aim to hold wattage during rowing
- front squats are preferred unless a green light overhead
- suggested RPE of 7/10