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Training Plan for Friday November 16th 2018

A) 30 min to cycle through

unbroken set of

- 20s tuck up or v-up
- 20s hollow rock variation
- 20s hollow hold variation

- 1 dot drill sequence
- i) 30s yoke support hold ii) 30s front rack barbell support hold iii) trap bar farmer hold
- i) 30-60s handstand hold ii) 30-60s pike hold iii) overhead barbell hold iv) 5.5/5.5 shoulder CARS
- i) 10 alt pistols ii) 5/5 skater squats iii) 10 alt reverse lunges 

B) 10 min to complete

- 50-100 no jump DB burpees

C) 2 minutes of each

- angry camel breathing
- seated ankle extension stretch


- focus on accuracy in dot drill
- adhere to red-yellow-green light
- goal is to finish part B)