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Training Plan for Friday November 1st 2019

A) every 4 min for 5 rounds

- 350/300m row C2 @105-115% (capped at 1:45)

- strict push up variation until 3:00 mark

(start 2nd heat at 2:00)

B1) front rack reverse lunges

- 2 warm up sets then
- 3 sets of 12 @...

i) barbell @50% of 3RM f.squat
ii) DB @70% of 8RM g.squat (combined)

B2) strict midline hold

- 5 sets of 6 breaths

C) Accessory

- 2 min couch stretch per side
- 2 min soft tissue calves and feet


- row should be complete in less than 1:45, if not then move on
- break push ups into small sets, and aim for many small sets rather than fewer large sets
- use first two sets as warm up during lunges in part B)
- midline hold should be near a max effort
- RPE of 7/10