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Friday Primal Weekend Send Off

***Note morning class time changes. Classes will be Monday through Friday at 6am and 7am. There will also be class on Tuesday and Thursday at 8am***
Mid-way Paleo Pinch - Did you make the Playoffs? Friday the 18th - 5:30 to 7pm - Find the Dash Weekend - Find T-bear - Sat at 2pm and Sunday at 4pm Group results revealed via email from the Dash
Ever since beginning to do Crossfit, I have been amazed by the primitive nature of the deadlift and the life-altering feeling of strength it provides. It is a viewpoint that I did not have for more than the first quarter century of my life. I regularly tote about the effectiveness of this very basic movement to my friends and family who don't know of its potency. Mostly those speech sessions fall on deaf ears, however every once and a while you get a real breakthrough. Recently I'm proud to say that my dad, deadlifting over the past few months for the first time in his life at age 70, surpassed the mark of deadlifting his body weight. I couldn't be more proud. So I ask, what do you have in you today? Get primitive. Get in touch with your inner caveman or cavewoman. Friday's Gameplan Warmup: Coach's choice followed by some band assisted wrist/forearm mobility (see photo below) image Tech: Sumo Deadlift 3-3-3 We don't do the sumo deadlift often, but it's good to switch it up every now and then for technique and strength development. I find the sumo hits me a completely different way than the conventional deadlift. These should be fairly heavy 3's, but don't worry about hitting a max - just practice the technique. You'll get to hit the deadlift hard in today's workout. Workout: "Get Primitive" 4 rounds for time of: 10 Deadlifts (225 / 155 lbs) 10 Burpee pull-ups 15 minute time cap, scale accordingly. Scaling recommendations for this workout - guys with a deadlift below 300 lbs and ladies with a deadlift below 205 lbs, let's thinking about scaling the deadlift load down. For scaling the burpee pullups for those without band-free pullups, today go for something to step up on and grab the pullup bar and do burpee-jumping pullups. Enjoy! Dan and Andy