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Friday September 10th

Tech: Floor Press 10 rounds of 3 rep Floor Press 50% 1rpm bench press Today it is a light and explosive Upper Body day featuring the Floor Press which is just a bench press minus the bench. Keep it fast just like yesterday’s box squats. The limited range prevents shoulder hyper-extension and protects sore or damaged shoulders WOD: Jumping Huff’n Puff 3 rounds: 200m Row 200m Run 20 Double Unders Since we introduced Udo`s EFA Plex to the gym it has developed a strong following and I have heard an earful ever since we sold out of our last bottle. Not everyone has experienced breakthroughs with it but most people swear it has upped their performance, helped them lean out, increased their energy levels and sped their recovery. Here is a strength athlete who uses Udo`s retail grade oil and still claims excellent benefits. I am working with management to restock our fridge but if you want to make sure you get yours please pre-order single bottles or cases (6-bottles). Tell me what you need to keep you fuelled: meadowlark(at)