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Training Plan for Friday September 7th 2018

A) inverted pressing

- 5 sets of max reps capped at 10 per set of one of the following

i) handstand push ups
ii) pike variations
iii) 1/2 kneeling DB shoulder press - goal is 45% bdywt
iv) push ups

B) deadlift - reset each rep

- use the following rep scheme to climb to a heavy set of 3

- 5-5-4-4-3-3-3

C) balance of class to cycle through

- 100m DB farmer carry
- 30 banded tricep extensions
- 20/15 cal bike
- 20 russian kb swings
- 10 alt 1/2 kneeling step out + rotation



- attempt to get 10 reps on each set in part A)
- dropping off in reps is allowed
- use same progression each set
- avoid touch and go on deadlift reps