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Friday - Sinister Six 2.0

It's Friday, time for a burner. Go at this one hard and I guarantee you will feel it! It bears a close resemblance to the original Sinister Six but with a few different movements. But before we get to the WOD, let's take 15 minutes to play with weighted pull-ups. Grab the vests, dumbbells, weight belts, whatever! See how much you can do. Technique: Weighted pull-ups Workout: Sinister Six 2.0 6 rounds for time 6 pull-ups 6 toes to bar 6 burpees 6 kb swings (red/black) 6 box jumps (20"/24") 6 lunges Now my challenge to all the comic book geeks out there, identify the members of the Sinister Six (see picture below) and no naming Spider-man does not count, that's a gimme. Sinister Six -Kermit