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2012 Regionals are Here

Weekend Double Post Once again, here is the 2012 Canada West Regional weekend schedule.   Friday's Skill/Strength Element: Heavy T.G.U.s   Friday's Workout (from Crossfit Invictus): In teams of two, one member working at a time, 300 Walking Lunges 4 400m BallRuns (20/12lbs) 100 Burpees   Saturday's Skill/Strength Element: Snatch 1.1.1 (10 sec rest between reps), 3 working sets Check out these crazy strong Chinese lifters: In this this order...16 year old snatching 100kg x 2---16 year old hang snatch 90 kg--- 69 kg lifter snatching 140 kg--- 105 kg snatching 140 kg x 3 Super Heavy squatting 280 kg x 3--- 94 kg lifter squats 290 kg--- Super Heavy does a clean, hang clean and a jerk with 200kg/no straps--- 94 kg clean and jerk 200kg Saturday's Workout: In teams of two, trading off rounds 3 Snatch (95/65lbs) 3 Shoulder to Overhead (95/65lbs) 10 Box Jumps (24/20") Rounds in 15 minutes A