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Friday’s Workout - Litvinovs

Sergey Litvinov, a Russian Hammer Thrower from the 1980's dominated the sport for more than a decade, due in large part to his unusual training methods (unlike, I might add, what the rest of the world was doing at the time). I'm sure Crossfiters will find this interesting: Story is Litvinov, a 5' 10", 196 pound hammer thrower, used to do the following in a training session: Eight reps of front squats with 405 pounds, immediately followed by a 75-second 400-meter run. Repeat this little combination for a total of three times and go home, thank you. A 196-pound man front squatted 405... eight times! Crazy. image So here is your Litvinov inspired workout: After a thorough warm up 6 Rounds 5 Rapid fire thrusters (95/65lbs) followed immediately by an all out 50m sprint. Rest 2.5 minutes between rounds Time each round. Add all six rounds for total. Short maximum output lasting 10-20 seconds, something we haven't see in a while. Coaches make sure athletes have a good warm up, and arrange them so they don't have to step over the bar to sprint.