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Etiquette in the Gym

As in any classroom, workspace or office there are some simple "rules" that are in place in to try to ensure everything runs smoothly and seamlessly. 

In the gym that is no different. This is just a friendly reminder as to what some of those "rules" might be. 

1. Adding plates on plates on plates.

Adding a steel 10lb plate to a 15lb plate is a big no-no. Use a 25lb plate instead. Same goes for having three 15lb plates on the barbell... Use a 45lb plate. I know its a pain and takes a little longer but not only is that excuse a poor one (this is a gym after all, no cutting corners allowed) but if you load the barbells properly it ensures the equipment is kept intact for a loner period of time. If the equipment needs to be replaced less often, then we can use our annual budget to buy new and different equipment rather replacing old stuff. 

2. Chalk stays in the chalk buckets. 

If you want to move chalk closer to your rope, pull up bar or barbell please just move the whole bucket. Blocks or pieces of chalk laying around the gym get crushed and make a huge mess. Please avoid leaving chalk pieces on the window sills, on the rowers or on the floor. 

3. Dropping empty bars. 

This kind of comes back to number 1. When you are taking weight off the bar it is easy to quickly slide the weight off and let the barbell smash into the floor. Please do your best to minimize this as there are long term affects that come from empty barbells smashing into the floor. 

4. Rowing handles and screens. 

This is a big one. When storing a rower please put the handle at the front of the boat and be sure to flip the screen down so it is tucked and out the way. Also, when putting the screen up, do your best to avoid touching the screen itself, as too much pressure on the screen cause the numbers to bleed out over time. 

5. Dropping Dumbbells 

Believe it or not the dumbbells are not meant to be dropped from 8 feet in the air. When we are using dumbbells it is fine to drop them from below the knees but not from the shoulders or from the hips as they do break or become loose as seen below. 

Keep working hard but please to you best to follow this little guidelines folks.

Coach Tom