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It has come to my attention that some people are still confused how submitting scores to the Games site works. ****One last chance to do the Games Workout (10 min. AMRAP of 30 double unders and 15 snatches) THIS SUNDAY at 10:30 am! ****First most important thing: Don't worry if this workout wasn't a good one for you. We STILL need you to submit. Maybe next week will be your week, or the week after. The thing is, if you MISS a WEEK, you're DONE. So submit a score of 2 double unders if you need to. Just get through the workout to stay alive for next week. Step 1: Create a profile on and request to be part of the CrossFit Vancouver Affiliate team. Step 2: I confirm you as a member of CrossFit Vancouver. Step 3: Do the workout at one of our scheduled times with coaches there judging you. Step 4: REMEMBER YOUR F*** SCORE and submit it to the Games site. (Forgive the snark for just a moment, but I have had countless e-mails from people who can't remember their scores and want me to sift through the 100 scoresheets for their score. Eunice is getting too old for that). Step 5: I confirm your score and VOILA! Eunice