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Geometry Lesson

If it weren't for the Oly Lifts the Turkish Get-up would be my favourite lift. It is also my biggest movement pet peeve. I see so many rolling get ups, squat get ups and just plain sloppy get ups! None of them are cheats but all of these inefficiencies are only made possible by the relatively light load. You can get away with sloppiness when you lift dumbbells. Introduce the barbell and some load and all that poor form goes away or your lift fails. I've seen Andy lift 125lb barbell and his lift was as mechanical and precise as a Swiss watch. Here's a chance to correct the faults in your TGU. WOD: 1 Rep Max Barbell Turkish Get Up You must complete same weight on both right and left hands in order to count. You must maintain control all the way down to the ground for a rep to count (no crashing to the floor).