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Get Your Fill!

We’ve all heard the question: Is the glass half full or half empty? It’s a colourful dichotomy about life. I was thinking (it happens sometime) one night about where my glass was and came up with the following idea. There are several reasons why we CrossFit. Get fit, feel good, look good… Neural Endocrine Response. Whatever your reasons are I want you to consider how you look at each session you put in at CrossFit Vancouver. Tuesday I saw people laying on the ground after the workout (rightly so). I saw some extreme effort and resulting fatique. I think some would look at them and say they gave their all and the tank is now empty. This may be true, but try changing lenses. What if you thought about CrossFit Vancouver as the place you came to fill your glass up, not empty it. Think about it – Say you are beginning the workout portion of your hour at a quarter to. This would mean your glass is already half empty. What kind of mind set is that to go into a workout with? What if it went like this. Picture number one is you after your pre warm up. Picture number 2 (left to right) is you after your class warm up. Picture number 3 is you after the skill/tech portion of the hour (looking good!). Picture number 4 is you after the hour is finished. Delicious. Now you go out into the world topped up and ready to rock. imageimage imageimage Make sense? Let's call the froth on top the post workout stretch session. wink Thursday’s Workout: We are in the fourth week of our overhead squat progression. I thought this would be the perfect time to work with the snatch. Warm Up: Burgener Warm Up Skill/Tech: Squat Snatch. Mess around. Go for a max if you feel up to it. Workout: Isabel 30 Squat Snatch (135/85 lbs) Choose a weight you can get this done in under 10 minutes. Cheers! Sheppy