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4. Get your injury diagnosed

10 Things I’ve Learned About Injury and the Importance of Mindset


(Huge thanks to Shana Johnstone for allowing us to share her most recent writings)

4. Get your injury diagnosed

For me, this has been critical, twice over. Some would disagree about the importance of this, particularly if the treatment and recovery plan are the same regardless of the exact nature of the injury. I understand this thinking and I agree with it—generally, at least—in terms of moving forward to address the physical side of the injury, but it may not be what you need to address mindset.

Especially if the injury doesn’t appear to be improving.

Figuring out the nature of the injury allowed me a clearer picture of what I could expect in terms of recovery, which let me adjust my expectations, reset my goals, conserve the energy I was expending on never-ending internet searches, and, ultimately, accept where I was at.

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