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University Hill Students give MadLab a try

It was great to the Year 12 PE Students from University Hill High School visit MadLab. 

The students trained for 90mins 3 times. They were taught basic movements and some simple principles for training and health. 


Coach Tom said:
I had a good time teaching the students of UHill. We went over barbell safety and efficiency as it relates to the deadlift, front squat and bench press.
The goal being to give them the information needed to understand how and why each exercise should be practiced, and the risks that come if done poorly. 

Their teacher Ms Barley said:
The experience at MadLab was great. The students got a lot of out of it. They’ve learned skills that will help them with anything from basic squat formation to deadlifts.
The coaches went out of their way to help them with their individual goals for fitness.
They’ve all been asking to go back!


Here is what the students had to say about their time at MadLab:

Kevin - "Learning the proper techniques. Going through basic exercises, but doing them precisely. It has helped me with my deadlift form and cleans".  

Yui - "Learning how to bench press properly"

Joanne - "I loved the different equipment. They way they explained it was very clear. It took longer to do each exercise because they explained it really well. Learning from more than one teacher was really helpful. Having Dashie there was really inspiring. She was my height and really strong."

Morris - "I liked how the way they taught us.  It was balanced, and reflected how we should always work out. They balanced the group workouts, but also spent time with us individually, which really is how we should do everything in life". 

Davis - "I loved the gritty interior" "A chance to work with professionals. They helped me fix my form. Self teaching, I guess, doesn't always work out that well." 

Jake "I was already working out. I was starting to learn how to deadlift. I learned how to do it properly. I learned exactly what muscle groups to use. I can focus more now on proper form"