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Get your SPIKE BALL team signed up!

Here's the Official Beach Day Schedule, folks:

11 a.m. - Workout on the beach run by Tom (Start thinking about your favourite MadLab moment)

Noon - BBQ will start pumping out food, and the cooler DRINKS!

12:30 - Water balloon toss competitions: Bring the kids!

1 p.m. - Annual Group Photo

1:30 p.m. - Spike Ball tournament begins

Speaking of Spike Ball...

• Andy is posting a sign-up at the gym this week. 12 spots for teams of 2, so get signed up the moment the sheet goes up.

• Each team is guaranteed 2 games

• Double elimination

• We have three courts right now, but if someone has a Spike Ball court they don't mind lending us for the day, please let us know.

See you all Saturday, July 21 at Jericho beach.