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Getting Lost - Asking For Directions

Coach Tom shares some thoughts around getting lost and asking for directions and how it translates to fitness.


How long would you drive in the wrong direction? If you have no cell phone service, would you ask for directions? Or would you just do your best to find your way?

In my eyes, many people are exercising while lost; They are going somewhere, but maybe not in the most efficient or effective manner; Instead of making one left, they take three rights.

There is nothing wrong with getting lost as long as you have the time. Sometimes getting lost will take you on a path or a road you never knew existed, and that can be a wonderful thing. In the world of training, this can be a great thing that leads you to a new and fun style of exercise.

That being said, sometimes getting lost can be a big problem if you have somewhere to be at a specific time. It can be stressful and nerve-wracking and cause a ton of stress.

My point here is this; If you have the time to take the back roads, get lost and enjoy the scenic route, then great, keep doing your thing enjoying the views!

If you have a finite amount of time and are looking for the most efficient way to get somewhere, then we might be able to help you.

Having a coach to give you directions, keep you on the right path and ensure you aren't getting lost is our mission, our goal and our purpose at Madlab School of Fitness.