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Getting Outside Your Shell

Wendy often makes insightful and profound posts on the CFV blog and her email to me yesterday really put into words what this whole Naked Fran is about for me. She told me that she saw it as an opportunity for her to get outside her shell. I was so happy to read those words! CrossFit has been an opportunity for me to get outside my shell.  It’s been a discipline in getting comfortable with being uncomfortable.  With accepting myself as I am whether my scores are great or not. It has been about getting over my fear of being judged, criticized, ridiculed by others. About just getting out there and giving it my best shot. I hope that whether you join me for Fran or not, that the invitation occurs to you as an opportunity to get outside your shell! It was scary for me to invite you. My worst fear is that I will be standing there all alone on the beach tomorrow, a lonely, crazy fool. My second worst fear is that you all will show up and I’ll have to follow through:) Thanks for giving me the opportunity to get outside my shell! I hope to see you tomorrow.