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Getting Strong Now!!!

Ahh, the back squat. A great tool to develop strength. I am thinking of the movember crew and I acknowledge you all for your effort put in on prostate cancer research, I hope everybody was generous with the donations and thank you all for rocking the furry upper lip, we all got to witness some pretty sick mustaches! I saw a few that would put Bert him self to shame. Nice work gentlemen! image December is here. We have a few weeks ahead to really stick to the paleo diet. Let's get those logs posted to the comments section. The holidays are tough with all the different meals at most gatherings. For me I find myself saying ah, its the holidays who cares this little bit of cake won't hurt, another rum & eggnog won't hurt! Then I find myself on the scale in the New Year saying oh God what have I done. Here's some pic's of some paleo foods that you may wanna stick to over the season, it requires effort in making them, however it truly sucks trying to shed the extra pounds off and watching performance drop cause of lack of integrity over the holidays! CFP image Tuesday's WOD: Warmup: 1/2 "Navy Seal" 500 metre row 25 thrusters 15 pullups Technique: The Back Squat Workout: Back Squat 10, 8, 6, 6, 3, 1, 1, 1 Reps Max Weight