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Glory Bowl Dip Recipe

Vegetables. Some of us love them, others tolerate them.

For those of you in the "tolerate" camp, my opinion is that you're probably just not preparing them well. Likely, you're overcooking them and under seasoning them.

I challenge you NOT to love perfectly cooked broccoli with glory bowl dip.

(As for the broccoli, cook in frying pan with a little bit of water for no more than five minutes. It should still be a bit crunchy when it's done).

Then top with this glory bowl dip:


  • Juice from two lemons or limes
  •  3-4

Place everything in a food processor or blender and blend!

If you dislike broccoli, this dip can honestly go on pretty much any veggie, from broccoli to asparagus to red peppers to yams.