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Gluten's Goal....To kill you dead

Ok bear with me here....I might get some terms a bit off and some dates have a tolerance, but I am going to paraphrase why Gluten sucks so bad for your health. After hanging with my old pal Robb Wolf for 4 days it has become apparent that there is a chemical war going on between our bodies and the nature of grains to defend themselves. Now Robby correct me where I have Pattersonized this too far. (see comments section) In short: It is not the fat that is trying to kill us.....nor are the high glycemic foods 100% the culprit, nor is it necessarily sugar or starch. The worst part of our diet comes from grains and more specifically a protein in them called gluten. Here is how it all started: We have evolved for over 4 million years. We have subsisted on a hunter gatherer diet consisting of game meats, fish, seasonal fruits and vegetables, nuts and tubers. It has only been the past 5,000 years or so that grains were introduced into our diet. Cultures that switched to grain as a major source of nutrition shrunk by over 6 inches and lost over 25lbs of lean body mass. The tallest people on earth in the late 19th century were plains indians (5 ' 11" average ht) who lived on a hunter gatherer diet. By contrast the average height of a US calvary man was 5'4". Also Hunter Gathers showed no sign of Cv disease, type II diabetes, various cancers, Alzheimer's and a host of other gnarly diseases that are killing us in record numbers. The difference......grains Why? Think of the goal of every living thing on earth...........especially think Tbear. It's goal is to procreate. Now also recognize that every living thing has some sort of mechanism to defend itself from being killed so it can pas on its genes (Try to get the remote from Tbear when there are females present and you shall see) Clams have shells, roses thorns, snakes have venom (Tbear has skinny wrists, but watch out for the elbows). Grains have gluten and its purpose is to beak down your gut and kill you. Stop eating gluten ( for 30 days and see what happens. Talk to Tbear or check Robb's site for what to eat in combination with zero gluten. This how you order at a restaurant :) Wednesday's lesson Plan: Warm UP: Warm Up your medium heavy bench press, some weighted pullups and sprinkle in some Wall Angels, and DB Ext Rotations in between sets. tech: bench press, Weighted pullups WOD: max bench press 155lbs / 75 rest 2 min max weighted pullups (25 / 15lb dumbell) x 5 rounds patty