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Go to bed and get yourself a decent nights sleep for a change!!!

So lately I have been loving the free podcasts available on iTunes. I find them a great portable way to fill those precious minutes when you are waiting for someone or caught in a line somewhere or taking the ferry. Two of my favorites are the Ted talk videos which we see a lot of on the website and the Freakonomics podcasts. While exploring this entertainment genre I came across this Ted talk and it got me thinking about my own life. I've had periods in my life where it wasn't at all strange for me to work 70 hours a week. Thinking about those long work weeks (and my lack of sleep), I realized that during those periods, I was my least successful. Now, thinking of when I was most successful I can conclude it was when I was working fewer hours, had a more well rounded lifestyle and was getting more sleep. I was doing more, having more fun, having more success, making more money and most of all getting a good nights sleep. I was disciplined enough to only spend as much time on any given activity as I could while still achieving the goals I set, intentionally worked smarter - not longer and prioritized my life to be able to say more than "I worked a 70 hour week and had 5 hours sleep last night." So take the time to sit down and enjoy this video and think about how you can live your best life then share it with all your friends; we want to hear about the little things you do to be your best everyday. Thanks for your advice!!! Now for the workout: Warm up: Coach's choice Tech: Skin the Cat's, Levers and dead hang knees to elbows WOD: "Annie" 50 - 40 - 30 - 20 - 10 Double Unders Ab mat Sit ups Only criteria for the Sit ups are head touches the ground and shoulders in front of the hip at the top. Throw your arms, anchor your feet or scream your lungs out, just move as fast as you can. Sorry all of you purists but its my week my rules and I want to see some PR's; Spealer anchors and he is pretty legit. Finally in the last ten minutes of class perform the following stretches from Kelly Starrett's mobility WOD to loosen up those hips and shoulders from yesterday's Murph and get ready for another huge one on Thursday. Thanks and see you in the box.