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Going Heavy Overhead - Alternate Routes

Leg, Hip Drive and Mid-line stability contribute enormously to going overhead. There comes a time when we need to practice some new moves that allow us some options when we need to do a combination move or perform a move that we couldn't do without having it in our little repertoire. All of us need to practice some behind the head jerks. And the skill of lowering it back down to the shoulders safely! - practice that with a relatively mid-heavy weight - Drop your near max lifts if you have the bumpers on. Throwing weight around from the back will allow us to most likely find our max shoulder to overhead weight. It will also allow us to go heavy for a single rep OHS as most push jerks and push presses will be sub maximal compared to wide grip split jerk attempts. Problem most of us find is we don't practice them. So Tuesday will be a medley of maximal output events. "The Movember Medley" Event 1 - The warm-up - Continuous Wall Balls (12/20) - 1pt for each rep
Only two attempts, one if your happy with your first round. *wallball must hit the line or above and be in continuous motion when in contact with the athlete, ie no standing catch with rest. Dial in your accuracy, breathe and move.
Event 2 - 1 Rep Max Behind the head Snatch Grip Split Jerk - 1pt for each lb that you stand up with. Event 3 - 1 Rep Max Behind the head Thruster - 1pt for each lb.
* you'll have 30 mins for both event 2 and 3. Coach will set timer. Get into groups of 3 and encourage on your partners. Racks Allowed
Event 4 - 10 to the hour - Sum of total squat reps in a cumulative version of Tabata Squats.
So 26,26,25,25,24,23,22,21 reps each round counts as 192pts. Preferable without balls, don't bounce off them. We see it. Add all 4 event scores together and post your total points to the leaderboard.