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Going to California - Temporary Class Schedule

image The bulk of our coaches will be going to the Crossfit games this up coming weekend, as a result our morning schedule will be reduced. One early morning class a day From Wednesday July 8th to Wednesday July 15th. 6:30 am all other classes will be as per the regular schedule. Charlie "jailbird" Palmer, Lumber, Ana and and Lunger will be teaching. Here is an interesting article that Maria (Bulldog) has sent to us. High protein diets help keep weight off Tuesday's Workout: Warm up: Shoulder stretching, 50 shoulder press, 50 push press (45 lb bar) Tech/Strength: Split jerk WOD: Max Split jerk Play with the split jerk for the entire up to a max have fun with it. See you all in a week or so Be Cool.......Stay in School Patty