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Golf and Quarantine

Coach Sheppy shares how you can work on your golf game in your living room.


First off let me say it is torture to have all this great weather and not be golfing. (insert pouting and whining here)

Secondly being in isolation doesn't mean you should sit at home and do nothing to advance your golf game.


There are, of course, the commercial equipment fixes. I'm sure home putting mats/systems sales are way up. I'm considering ordering one online myself. There are full swing mats and nets that you can purchase to practice your full swing in your garage or backyard. Finally, there are full simulator setups with screens and radar and fancy bells and whistles... Maybe someday... ;-)


What I'd like to talk to you about is taking care of the most important piece of equipment you have... I'm not talking about washing your clubs (but you should)... I'm talking about YOUR BODY!!! 

We all know what it feels like to tighten up and not be able to swing freely.  Dead block... Snap hook... Fat Fat Fat... Thin Thin Thin... Tears... Tantrums...

I encourage all of you golfers to stay limber and ready to swing. 


So here are some basic movements to keep you limber and golf ready.

Half-Kneeling Long Turns x 10/10 
Bird Dog with Ext/Int Hip Rotation x 6/6-6/6
Although this video only has external rotation I'd like you to do internal as well.
Rainbow Pass x 8/8
Can Opener  x 10/10
This video only shows the reach under but I want you to do the reach back as well as we have practiced. 
Glute Bridges with a 3-second pause at the top x 15
You can also do these single-leg 15/15.
Stork Turns
These are good to keep the balance activated.  You can also do those bench hip turns on the side of a cart or off a bench at a tee box.  
Helicopter Turns
W Turns - Love these



Please let me know if you have any questions about these movements and/or golf fitness.  You can reach me, Chris Saini, at


Happy Swinging!!