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Golfers, Take Care of Your Body This Off-Season

Now Is The Time. 


As the great golf weather fades to winter, now is the time to get smart about next season.

The media is full of previews for next year’s new drivers and gear. This swing aid and that gadget.  

The subtext is you need new gear to be a good golfer. This is a lie. There is nothing wrong with your 5-year-old driver.  

The truth is you need to take better care of your body - It is the most important part of your golf game.  

Build it up in order to be better at golf and excel during the rigours of a long golf season.


Golf Fitness with Chris Saini at Madlab School of Fitness can do this for you.  

I will cater your training to YOU - Your abilities and specific needs.


Packages can include: 

-Training at Madlab

-Pre round/practice warm-ups

-During round/practice exercises

-Post round/practice warm downs



Your body is the most important piece of your golf game.  Take care of it accordingly.  Now is the time.


For more information contact Chris Saini at