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Golfers Should Be Doing Single Leg Training

If you've ever play golf you know that your legs and hips have to work together in order to get the job done.

You also know that your legs have tasks that are independent of each other.  The swing just won't work without this sharing of the movement pattern.


TPI Level 3 Trainer, Jamie Greaves, wrote a great article for extolling the benefits of single leg training for golfers.  Jamie discussed 5 main reasons why golfers should perform single leg training.

1. Increased weight with minimal spinal load.

2. Improved lateral stability.

3. Building unilateral strength.

4. Improving Balance

5. Training in multiple planes.

I think Jamie makes a strong argument that single leg training should be a part of every golfer's training regime. I do it with all my TPI clients and always see development.  

Please read the whole article here.


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Happy Swinging!