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Gonna Go Paleo??

I want to hear your rants and reasons if your considering passing up the Paleo challenge. Be direct and to the point. Let's hear it.image I've already heard... - But beans are good for you - No cereal or grains, what would I eat for breakfast? - No Coffee, no alcohol? Give it to a comment or two. If your in, post some good ideas for Paleo breakfasts. I need more. This challenge is not going to be "super restrictive". The degree to which you apply it will likely show in your results - or will they? I want the 50%'ers on up. I'd like a group of Paleo's on Dairy as well (Lunger's in). This Paleo Challenge will be evaluated based on improvements in performance, minimizing skinfold thickness and appearance (before and after pics). Full Rules will be posted by the weekend. We are going to learn and ease into it over the next couple weeks. Start date will be closer to Nov. 1st(skinfold calipers have yet to arrive). Open meals will be allowed. We'll have you partner up with a sponsor in the challenge to keep you on track. Your coaches will review diet logs. I'm telling you this approach will lean you up and make you look, feel and perform better. Thousands of CrossFitters and endurance athletes have reaped the benefits as they transitioned their diets away from grains, legumes and dairy while emphasizing their intake of lean meats, seafood, fruits, veggies, nuts and seeds. Check out some of the research, here's one The Nutritional Characteristics of a Contemporary Diet based upon Paleolithic Food Groups. Wednesday WOD - 5 Pistols (each leg) - 10 Ring Pushups - 15 Pull-ups - 20 Hollow Rocks (make em look good, hip & knee bend is a progression) (5 Rounds)