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Got Food Poisoning?

Sooooooo early Sunday morning I woke up with food poisoning.  See the graphic up top here?  Ya that was me.  Ugh.

Not that I was a nutritional superstar in the days before I got sick...  I ate out twice a day both Friday and Saturday.  Bad Sheppy!!

A little bird told me about Vancouver Coastal Health's website where you can check any health and safety inspection outcomes for a restaurant in their jurisdiction.

Check out the website here.

So I looked up the restaurants that we ate at and was shocked.  One of these restaurants, we eat there at least once a month, had a horrible track record of health and safety inspections.  This led me to check other restaurants we frequent.  Some checked out fine... Some didn't. Please try it yourself. 

Obviously I'm not naming any names on here...

Thought I would share this website and important tool for your health. :-)

Be informed!