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Grace + Zoe = Groe

Okay people time for some gymnastics skills. I don't usually specify a warm-up but I really want to do handstands and L-sits this week. So, I am making an exception. Coaches feel free to add a little something extra if you'd like. Warm-up: Handstands and L-sits (reverse) tabata style. So, first do reverse tabata handstands, 10 seconds on, 20 seconds off for 8 rounds. Next it is reverse tabata L-sits. Technique: Muscle-ups. Now I know many people are probably groaning, "Muscle-ups again?!" Yes again, but this time I found a couple of different progressions to try. For those of you still working on your first muscle-up try doing a muscle-up on the bar using a band (see first video). I know we have tried using bands on the rings before with somewhat limited success, but given the stability of the bar this appears to be a little bit easier. This will help you to get a feel for the transition from the pull-up to the dip at a speed approximating a kipping muscle-up. Now for those of you who can do multiple static muscle-ups (you know who you are), check out the second video, one-arm assisted muscle-ups! Just approach this one with a little caution. Workout: Grace + Zoe = Groe 6 rounds for time 5 muscle-ups 5 clean and jerks (85 lbs/135 lbs) -Kermit