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Greetings from the CrossFit Games Day 1 Affiliate Competition Summary

image Greetings from Aromas. 1st thing I'd like to say is our athletes came through and did an amazing job overall. It's a beautiful day here, very hot and dry in the sun. The team finished 19th overall out of 100 teams following the 3rd Overhead Squat/max pullups workout, which is pretty amazing comeback from 42nd place, which we were in after the first two workouts didn’t work in our favor. So here is the low down of the workouts. 1st Workout - 30 wallballs by the 1st two ladies, then the guys go. After they all finish that they move on to the 300m row, 30 box jump, 30 db pushpress, 30 kettlebell rotation then finishing together with 120 reps of team deadlifts. Machine went 1st on the wallballs but was stalled as she couldn't hit the towering target, especially as her stance was on the awkward wheelchair entrance ramp making her go toey and looking like a faun stuck in a barbwire fence aching to get rescued. She hit the bottom of the 10ft mark so many times that a little frustration brewed in onlooking team. 48 attempts later she was waved away for Dober and other to get going. Team finished at 19:56 and was 20th overall in that workout. 2nd workout - the 2.5km relay run. Kermit went 1st so she could have the most recovery and is the shortest out of the group. As she started the descent from the top of the hill she rolled her ankle. It looked like she almost fell from the view of the camera and I thought she made a good recovery from almost falling flat on her face. Then as she came down the hill and it was visable she was going much slower favoring her ankle. She toughed it out though and did the final lap with the group and they all finished together. 3rd workout was our great comeback. Max, Machine, Pete and Kermit rocked this one. The 3 Rep overhead squat max/max pull-ups in 3 sets. Max did 205 and 87 pullups total. Pete did 175 – 82 pullups. Machine did 155 – 56 pullups. Kermit did 95 - 75 pullups. Were all hanging out at the RV with the crew meeting up with people from everywhere. This community is amazing.