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Grin it and Bear it - Day 6

image Details Starts with a 400m "Ape Hauler" run (Double up with Dynamax balls). 1 “pitfall” rope swing over 15 foot pit 3 cartwheels 5 forward rolls 10 over/under pommel horse 20 Hollow rock Big Tire flips (305lb tire) 2 for girls / 5 for guys 5 free throw attempts (10 sec bonus for each made) 2 lapse over parrlettes (lateral jumps) 4 D-Ball leg lifts from ring hang (no putting feet down- penalty will apply) Bumper plate shuffle and stack 10 D-Ball Clean and Thruster over pull-up bar (20/30lbs) Bonus #2 – Sink the Putt (20 second deduct) One - 15 foot rope climb Dive roll to finish on crash pad (judged score by coach) 10 min time limit. Athletes will go individually every 5 minutes