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Group Class Schedule Change

When my first students graduated to group classes Patty allowed me to experiment with a Monday,Wednesday, Friday 9 am group class. A year later my students have migrated to the early morning group classes. Over the past month 9 am classes have averaged 1-2 attendees and sometimes I am left alone to sweep the parking lot. I won't say that the experiment was a failure because for the first 6-months the 9 am had a small but consistent attendance but it seems that it has run its course and it no longer makes sense to block off this chunk of school time. The 9 am will continue through this Friday but after the Thanksgiving weekend there will be no more 9 am classes. Thank you to Patty and the other CFV coaches who gave me the freedom to experiment and thanks to those of you who turned up for 9 am classes! See you in the early morning classes:) Corey